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Date Posted: 27-04-2016

Managing Household Staff
- Supervising the housekeeper and cleaning (includes advice on cleaning various materials)
- Running an efficient kitchen
- Supervising contractors, suppliers, and services (such as home renovations, landscaping, and catering)
- Supervising and managing Chauffeurs/Drivers and the fleet, ensuring maintenance and cleanliness 
- Disciplining staff
• Taking Care of the Household
- Ensuring safety and security in the house
- Purchasing supplies and arranging for delivery
- Keeping household accounts
• Reception and Looking After Guests
- Answering the door
- Answering the telephone
- Preparing for overnight guests
- Maintaining a visitor's book
• Dining Experiences
- Types of meal service
- Meals to remember (breakfast, luncheon, English afternoon tea, dinner)
- Organizing a formal dinner or banquet (including planning the event, seating arrangements, table settings, and supervising wait staff)
- Organizing other social events (dinner at a restaurant, receptions, large outdoor parties, etc.)

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