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Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel

Al Jaheli Theater

Cinema Hall
Al Jaheli Theater
Al Manama Hall
Al Fehaidi Hall
Abu Mousa Hall
Lesser Tunb Hall
Greater Tunb Hall
The Club Garden
Hafeet Terrace
Muraijib Hall
Al Hisn Halls 1, 2, 3 & 4
Maziad Hall And Dome 1,2,3
Al Maria & Liwa Hall
Al Meel Hall
Seer Baniyas Hall
Seer Bu Nair Hall
Al Jaheli Conference # 1
Al Jaheli Conference # 2
Al Muwaiji Hall And Dome 1,2,3

Special Offers

Media Gallery

  • 650 pax Seating Capacity
  • Hall lighting” with dimmer system.
  • "Conference system" with 1 master and up to 50 slave units.
  • Translator’s Room, Interpretation system” to translate in six channels with 350 sets of “Headphone” for the guests.
  • Panoramic Main Screen Motorized Up/Down System
  • 160 KW Stage Lighting Arranged in 4 Layers Light Bar
  • A Manuel Focusing Dimmable and Fixed Focus Lights
  • Manual Changeable Curtain Bars for Easy Scenery Changes
  • Podium microphones, Wireless Microphones & fixed hall speakers.

Audio & Sound Reinforcement:

  • 24 Channels Mixing Console/4 Groups
  • CD player -DVD players
  • Mid High Speaker

Video Projection System:

  • Video Projector 12,000 ANSI Lumens- True XSGA
  • Resolution with Long Throw Powered Zoom Lens
  • DVD Player, TV Tuner
  • Video Presenter & Computer Interface

Integrated Presentation System, Stage lighting System Simultaneous Interpretation System:

  • 04 Channels Dual Interpreter Units

House Lighting Dimming:

  • 12x10 Amps Programmable Dimmer Unit Fluorescent Lamps

  • Al Jaheli Theater
    • Al Jaheli Theater

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    Al Jaheli Theater

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